Adams County Human Services

Adams County Human Services

From Orchards to Innovation

Working again as a Contract Design Director and Creative Consultant on behalf of The DLR Group, Christopher Cox was tasked with creating supportive branding, strategic positioning, and the entire package of interior graphics for the newly constructed Adams County Human Services building in Westminster, Colorado.

The original site was home to apple orchards nearly a century before. This history served as the foundational backdrop for what would become an abstraction of geometric forms evoking the idea of innovation woven with softer organic forms of trees and vegetation.

It was important that the mood was kept light, colorful, and ultimately human to envelop visitors in a comforting, inspiring, and warm environment. More than 25 murals were created for the project using a method whereby intricately arranged geometric forms were then blown out into overlapping abstraction. The effect was one of a foundational order that gave way to unexpected forms.

It was a rare and cherished opportunity to fill a beautifully considered space with true art. The art itself has taken on a defining role in the identity of the building and has become a primary tool in communicating the ethos of the space to the community.

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