Christopher Cox

A life in design.

Christopher Allen Cox founded Change The Thought in 2002 and has lead the studio’s efforts since its inception. The studio has been through many iterations since. At one time between 2006-2013, Cox’s focus was on the upkeep of a groundbreaking blog and ‘blogfolio’, a term he coined in an interview with Computer Arts Magazine in 2009. The blog played host at one time to nearly 100,000 visitors a day and reached it’s apex in 2008 when Cox endorsed Barack Obama for president and his posters, buttons, and stickers were loaded onto and became part of the official materials used throughout Obama’s presidential campaign. This massive exposure lead to numerous interviews and landed Cox’s work on the pages of Newsweek and in a book published by Spike Lee. Flavor Flav even sported a Change The Thought designed Obama tee shirt at the 2008 Democratic National Convention.

In 2010 a seismic shift took place as the studio switched focus to become one of Denver’s burgeoning motion design production agencies growing upwards to a staff of a dozen or more full time and freelance designers and animators. This relegated the blog to an online archive of a moment in design and art culture. The site still lives dormant at

In 2015, Cox turned back to his roots and centered the studio again around an emphasis on branding anchored by clean and rational typography. This change immediately cultivated strong relationships with international architecture firms in need of cutting edge environmental graphics. Cox’s growing obsession with screen printed and licensed work for entertainment has also lead to several commissions, gallery shows, and partnerships with studios to deliver unique posters and style work. In 2015 Cox became a 3 time semi finalist in the Sundance Episodic Story Lab, and as a result is also now engaged in drafting several pilots for television series development. In 2016 he was recognized by as one of the top 10 most important political artists in the U.S.

The studio

& sanctuary

Changethethought is a design micro-consultancy, graphic design, illustration, environmental design, and branding studio located in Denver, Colorado helmed by founder Christopher Cox. Typically an army of 1, Cox scales up to as much as a dozen experienced creatives depending on project scope. We practice sustainable forms of visual communication with an international sensibility. Our never-ending aim is to create lasting and timeless imagery. We specialize in crafting identities with a focus on clean and considered typography. We possess expertise in art direction, branding, strategy, graphic design, website, environmental, art direction for animation and motion design, experiential and illustration. Our studio method involves the development of a rich dialogue that crosses cultural borders and expands reach. We prefer the bold use of color combined with the clear confidence of simplicity.

Our clients

& partners

We welcome a broad spectrum of clients and are committed to sustainable business practices that aim to enrich the public while lessening the environmental footprint.

The press

is always watching

Change The Thought has been talked about, featured, displayed, exhibited and written about over the past 17 years in numerous publications, galleries, shows, websites and over impassioned dinner conversations. We seek attention a few times a year in order to draw in the needed eyeballs to keep projects coming in. But we have lessened the pursuit in recent years. However, it is impossible not to acknowledge the importance of press in the creative industry. The best press will always be a satisfied client.

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