Zodiac Poster


Private Poster Commission

Oh boy. We were excited about this one. A group of rabid fans returned requesting that we complimented our most popular privately commissioned poster so far, SE7EN with what we believe to be Director David Fincher’s true masterpiece and one of the greatest films of the information era, ZODIAC.

We have always seen ZODIAC as a followup to SE7EN. The film’s first line of dialogue seems to suggest this, ‘Where have you been? I’ve been waiting since 7:00?’ The striking contrast between ZODIAC and SE7EN is that ZODIAC focuses on the genuine and mind numbing complexity of investigating a true cross-jurisdictional serial killer and in the most difficult state in the United States to work such a case, California.

Again we filled the poster with as much detail as we could pack in and there is a lot of crime scene evidence as well as articles, photos, books, etc. in the film ZODIAC. We mirrored the composition of the original SE7EN poster that was produced in 2015 also suggesting the duality again between the characters, one being awake to the reality of the case, the other being obsessed and consumed by the complexities.

The final screen print is being produced by D&L Printing who also printed the SE7EN poster and features a hidden glow in the dark layer with a note actually written by the true-to-life ZODIAC killer depicting a coded clue as to his identity and a jab at the police about when a movie about him will finally be released musing as to who will play him on film.

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