John Wick Poster

John Wick Poster Commission

Lights, Camera, Action Panels

After the success of his Mad Max: Fury Road private poster commission, Christopher Cox was asked to consider several films for another poster. John Wick was on the b-list. And then he watched the movie. Cox was blown away, pun intended. It’s a fantastic film and ranks among Keanu Reeves’s best. Cox sought to create the penultimate John Wick fan poster. Drawing influence for past film noir and current comic books, he developed two layouts paneling out several key scenes from the film. As a ‘gun-fu’ film, it’s one of the very best of the genre. Different weapons used throughout the film by Wick/Reeves are called out in background typography within the illustration panels. It was a labor of love and a send up to one of Cox’s favorite film genres, action! And if you are curious, yes we believe in gun control.

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