Beneker Family Farms

Beneker Family Farms

From Family Farm to Family Table

A few select times a year we will work at a reduced rate for family and friends in need of branding to launch a new business. We also do the same for startups in the non profit or charity sector. When Christopher Cox’s cousin Jayme Beneker asked if CTT would brand her freezer beef company we saw a unique opportunity to return to and study a heritage as a rural midwesterners.

The Beneker family farm has stood for generations in the heart of Indiana and that proud history needed to shine through in the identity. But it also needed to feel young, alive and slightly irreverent. The solution was a peppering of tongue in cheek humor with a nod to the health-conscious and bespoke-sensitive youth generation. The result is a brand that has historical appeal for a new generation of meat eaters.

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