Mad Max: Fury Road Poster

Mad Max: Fury Road

Private Poster Commission

Christopher Cox was privately commissioned by a group of movie and screen print enthusiasts to design and illustrate (or in this case illustrate first) a poster for the breakout action smash hit bad ass film Mad Max: Fury Road. It was a dream project and Cox went all out. The poster began as a typography only layout with the idea that large letterforms would be filled with illustrations. Nearly 90 hours was spent illustrating a pointillism technique was developed in Adobe Illustrator on a Cintiq. Each dot was done by hand. The group was thrilled with what was produced and the effort lead to several upcoming commissions. Both posters were printed with metallic inks. A regular ‘Wasteland Daytime’ version and a ‘Night Terror’ version were created. As a special nod to the potential (and teased) release of the film in black and white, a ‘Chrome’ black and white with metallic inks version was also printed.

This poster was also featured on SlashFilm, Lauging SquidFubiz and Hypebeast which lead to a roll of shares throughout the entertainment and creative industry.

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