Mad Max: Fury Road Poster

Mad Max: Fury Road

Private Poster Commission

I was privately commissioned by a group of movie and screenprint enthusiasts to design and illustrate (or in this case illustrate first) a poster for the breakout action smash hit bad ass film Mad Max: Fury Road. It was a dream project and I went all out. The poster began as a typography only layout with the idea that large letterforms would be filled with illustrations. I spent upwards of 90 hours illustrating and developed a pointillism technique in Adobe Illustrator on my Cintiq. Each dot was done by hand. The group was thrilled with what was produced and the effort lead to several upcoming commissions. Both posters were printed with metallic inks. A regular ‘Wasteland Daytime’ version and a ‘Night Terror’ version were created. As a special nod to the potential (and teased) release of the film in black and white, a ‘Chrome’ black and white with metallic inks version was also printed.

This poster was also featured on SlashFilm, Lauging SquidFubiz and Hypebeast which lead to a roll of shares throughout the entertainment and creative industry.

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