Iron Man Poster

Iron Man

Stan Lee Excelsior Exhibit

At the start of 2017, Christopher Cox was asked to develop a poster for the 2008 Marvel film Iron Man. The poster would be exhibited and signed at a date to be determined, later in the year at The Hero Complex Gallery in conjunction with Grey Matter Art as a part of the Excelsior exhibit celebrating Stan Lee’s 75th year in comics. A portion of the posters would also be signed by Stan Lee.

Marvel comics was a huge influence on Cox as a child. Jack Kirby specifically was one of the most influential artists of his early drawing work in childhood. How could anyone possibly say no to such a dream come true project?

The poster proved popular at the opening and it was absolutely overwhelming to see Stan sign the poster.

The poster itself is meant to communicate both the introduction of Iron Man’s legacy while also forecasting his potential downfall. In a Christ-like stigmata pose, he is meant to serve as a sacrificial lamb for the franchise with the question that drives to the core of Marvel’s storytelling universe…

Does the man make the hero or does the hero make the man?

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