The Drop

The Drop

For The Good Life Ride

I was approached by a friend of a friend in early 2017 to develop a snow/skate/surf brand from scratch starting with little more than a name and a loose aspirational/inspirational philosophy. The owner, Craig Wasserman is a highly respected art teacher who also teaches skate and snowboarding in Telluride, Colorado. His dream was to launch one of the first board shops and brands in the small but globally beloved town in what many would consider a mountain paradise.

The concept propping up the name is meant to convey the idea of when you are about to enter into ‘The Drop’ where you both simultaneously focus and let go while nature grabs you and leads you. The hope is that as the brand grows out of its Telluride roots, it will expand into surfboards and surfwear along coastal California.

I created the initial branding, logo, identity, tone of voice, positioning headlines and taglines along with a litany of merchandise including, tees, hoodies, skate decks, snowboards, hats, badges, stickers, grip tape, socks and I’m probably forgetting a few things.

Needless to say, it was the most in-depth brand product development and launch I’ve been a part of so far.

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