30 x 30: Near Dark

Near Dark

30x30: 1987

Change The Thought studio founder Christopher Cox was asked by Alternative Movie Posters to contribute to their first group show in London. The show was themed around the year 1987, a year that was a landmark for popular cinema.

Asked which film he would like to do, Cox chose the criminally underrated Kathryn Bigelow masterpiece ‘Near Dark’. The film left a deep impact on his psyche as a child and was one of the first R-rated films he was ever allowed to watch. It absolutely terrified him.

Cox developed the illustration entirely as vector art attempting again to push the medium as far as possible. It was also an honor to draw a portrait of Bill Paxton so soon after his passing. Near Dark offers up one of his best roles.

The show itself was a success and turned out a large audience.

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