They Live Poster

They Live

Gallery 1988: 30 Years Later

I was asked to create a poster for the esteemed pop juggernaut Gallery 1988. The Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles location offers up a unique visibility in the pop art world and the gallery is often frequented by celebrities. Sometimes the very celebrities who star in the shows and movies that inspire the work have been known to make an appearance at the openings.

The theme of this particular show was ’30 Years Later’ or rather 30 years after 1988 and included a list of films that hit theaters that same year. I jumped at the chance to illustrate and design around one of my favorite 80s films and one of John Carpenter’s unique masterpieces, They Live. Of course, Rowdy Roddy Piper had to be front and center as he was also one of my favorite WWF wrestling stars at the time.

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