They Live Poster

They Live

Gallery 1988: 30 Years Later

Nestled within the trendy shops and galleries on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles is Gallery 1988. The location offers up a unique amount of visibility in the world of pop art and is often frequented by celebrities. In the sprint of 2018 they chose to celebrate their namesake with a unique show titled ’30 Years Later’ sending up the films released in the year 1988.

We were asked to illustrate and design a poster from a list of films. Of course, how could the seminal masterpiece ‘They Live’ from the mind of 80’s director mastermind John Carpenter be ignored? Full service was paid to every detail from the likeness of Mr. Piper, to the unforgettable tagline, and all the way down to making sure ‘Roddy’ was put into the credit block.

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