Sin City Poster

Sin City

Privately Commissioned Screen Print

A group of fans banned together once again to privately commission me to illustrate and design a screen print commemorating the ground breaking 2005 release of Sin City. I have been a fan of Frank Miller since I was around 11 years old and absolutely love both the original comics and the film. So again, it was a dream come true to illustrate a poster about the movie. I always felt the image of Marv in the electric chair from the original comics was one of the single most iconic comic book illustrations of all time. I have read every single Sin City comic and that image never left my mind. So I knew that would be the foundational element for my layout with the poster and a way to bridge the original comics with the film. Nailing the likenesses of the actors with a minimal amount of solid colors was a big challenge with such a large ensemble cast. The effort lead to some breakthroughs in my process and how I generate vector art. Both the white and black version of the poster will be printed as the group couldn’t decide which version they liked better.

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