Stimulated Branding


Ultra-Sensory Experiences

Change The Thought was again commissioned via RevThink on behalf of Stimulated Studios in Los Angeles for a full-scale rebrand. The studio itself is unusual in that it produces ‘experiences’ via motion design, animation, video, projection mapping, sound and whatever else goes into the concert-going, retail and merchandising tract in this ever-evolving technological space age we now find ourselves in.

Taking all of this into consideration we knew the typical simply would not work. Neon was embraced as the color example of visual stimulation that could only be expressed by technology.

Tasked with copywriting on this project, we wrote not only the positioning and strategical headlines but also all of the copy on the website. Every touch point was hit from logo, collateral, client-schwag, website to internal documents for presentation and invoicing. A series of minimal ultra-bright posters was created to embody the ‘visual experience’ aspect of the studio and it’s work. The end result of the entire project was a full-on embrace of the identity by the studio giving them new found confidence to express their unique voice.

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